Police Body Cameras To Provide Crucial Evidence Grand Juries Can Ignore

NEW YORK, NY—Following the grand jury’s decision not to indict Officer Daniel Pantaleo in the killing of Eric Garner, which was captured entirely on camera, the U.S. justice department has issued a decree that all police officers should be equipped with body cameras to capture crucial video evidence that can be totally ignored. “We believe […]

Glad That’s Over

These past few months have been pretty crazy. Ever since the altercation between Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson and Michael Brown on August 9th, during which time Mr. Wilson shot and killed Mr. Brown, one could say that the town of Ferguson has been a little nuts, what with the riots, protests, and constant discussion […]

Marvel Introduces New Supervillain ‘Unarmed Black Teenager’

NEW YORK, NY—Executives at Marvel Comics announced today that in the upcoming issue of its Avengers series, fans will be introduced to a new supervillain called the Unarmed Black Teenager. “We are very excited to release our most diabolical villain yet,” said Axel Alonso, the publisher’s Editor-in-Chief, adding that the team of Ironman, Thor, Captain America, […]