CHICAGO, IL – A local man named Tommy has started a satirical news site in an attempt to make readers laugh. “I’ve always loved The Onion and thought writing my own satire would be a lot of fun, so I started this site,” said Tommy to reporters. According to sources, Tommy has trained at Second City, both in improv and writing. “I went through the two year improv program and conservatory at Second City as well as the writing program taught by Onion founder Scott Dikkers.” Reportedly, Tommy spends most of his time devoted to a career in finance but writes satire as a hobby. “I hope people enjoy it as much as I enjoy writing it.” At press time, Tommy told reporters he’d appreciate it if readers shared the site with their friends.

You can also find more of his satirical musings at The Whiskey Journal.

What an asshole.


  1. ladym9277 says:

    I have to say when I found your blog, I kept reading and it has created a deeply satisfying feeling of amusement. Dispelling the rumor that people in finance couldn’t possibly be funny 😉 At least that is the myth about myself. People are always surprised.

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