Couples Waiting Longer To Enter Prenuptial Agreements

WASHINGTON, DC—After interviewing thousands of couples around the country, the Pew Research Center issued a new report today showing that modern couples are waiting longer than previous generations to enter prenuptial agreements. “My parents entered their first prenuptial agreement when they were about 23 years old, and I think my grandparents had entered their prenup when they were maybe 20,” said 29-year-old Kelly Tonkin who has yet to enter a prenuptial agreement with four-year boyfriend Kevin Williams. The report cited several reasons why Millennials are waiting longer to enter prenuptial agreements including more demanding careers, longer time spent in higher education, and the desire to get personal finances in order before entering into a contract that outlines the division of property following a divorce. “I love Kevin, and I know I want to be with him, but we’re just taking our time before we make it official by setting parameters of potential spousal support and alimony.” An addendum to the report showed that the national average age has also increased for entering prolonged, agonizing custody battles.

Fools rush in.

Fools rush in.


  1. It’s no wonder the divorce rate is so high, when couples enter into marriage so hesitantly, waiting for financial security first, and contractually, beginning their blissful married life together with prenuptials. When my parents got married, they were poor, but they were poor together, and their struggles in those early years made their relationship all the stronger.

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