NCAA To Introduce Instant Replay Next Season

INDIANAPOLIS, IN—In response to several controversial calls during the men’s basketball national tournament that could have been resolved with official review, the NCAA announced today that it will introduce instant replay next season. “We have the technology to make sure that the right call is made every single time, so we expect to start allowing referees to utilize video review starting with the 2015-2016 basketball season,” said NCAA president Mike Emmert during a press conference. According to industry experts, instant replay will help prevent miscalls similar to the goaltending ruling in the SMU-UCLA first round game and the out of bounds calls in the final minutes of the Wisconsin-Duke national championship game, all of which would have been overturned had referees been able to evaluate the indisputable video evidence of their erroneous live decisions. “With instant replay, next season will eliminate any controversy and disappointment with the game stemming from poor officiating.” Also included in next year’s rule changes is the requirement that all referees get their fucking eyes checked.

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