Study: Famous Actors Just Tried Harder

HOLLYWOOD, CA—With the 87th Academy Awards just days away, the Brookings Institute released a new report proving that famous actors and actresses have achieved their success simply because they tried harder than everyone else. “We studied the behavior of hundreds of the most famous actors on the planet, including Oscar, Emmy, and Tony award winners, and we’ve come to conclusion that all of them are where they are today only due to their work ethic and their ability to stick to it,” said head researcher Dr. Lawrence Sullivan. According to the study, researchers found the effects of natural talent, family ties to the industry, attractive looks, world renowned training, and incredible luck all to be statistically insignificant in predicting an actor’s career success. “We can conclusively say that any actor out there who hasn’t made it big yet is just not trying hard enough. Our models suggest they put a little more effort into it.” In related news, Gallup released a study today showing how all elected politicians won their seats because they’re just smarter.

Oh good for you.

Oh good for you.


  1. Capitalism at its best: elitist and arrogant. Hmmmm, I loved the end comment about politicians. If it says politicians are smarter, then it MUST be true. 😉

  2. Love this post. You have won over a new follower. Keep posting and I will keep reading.

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