Secretary Of Labor Thomas Perez Campaigning To Make SOLOTUS Happen

WASHINGTON, DC—Reports surfaced this morning that Secretary of Labor Thomas Perez has been running a rigorous campaign to make the abbreviation SOLOTUS happen. “Saying Secretary of Labor of the United States is way too long, so feel free to just call me SOLOTUS,” said Mr. Perez, who pointed out that we already have POTUS for President Obama and FLOTUS for First Lady Michelle Obama, so it only makes logical sense to also have SOLOTUS for the Secretary of Labor. During his campaigning throughout the Capital, Mr. Perez has been reportedly reminding everyone that the entire Supreme Court gets to be called SCOTUS and that even the State of the Union address is now called SOTU for short, meaning it shouldn’t be a big deal if people add another acronym for a “Cabinet member of the friggin’ United States.” “Come on, just do it. Call me SOLOTUS.” At press time, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Julian Castro could be overheard telling a staffer to call him SOHAUDOTUS.

That's Mr. SOLOTUS to you!

That’s Mr. SOLOTUS to you!

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