Pentagon To Put “!” At End Of All On-Line Passwords

WASHINGTON, DC—In order to combat the recent slew of cyberattacks, including the hack of U.S. Central Command’s Twitter account, officials at the Pentagon instituted a new policy to put an exclamation point at the end of all on-line passwords. “Including the exclamation point for all passwords associated with the Department of Defense will create another hurdle for hackers that will also be very easy for us to remember,” said Chuck Hagel, Secretary of Defense, in a statement on Tuesday. Reportedly, the exclamation point was selected by a panel due to the fact that it is non-numerical and non-alphabetical, which should confuse any would-be cybervandals, while also being easy to type with only one stroke of the “1” key while holding the “Shift” key simultaneously. “We also considered ending all passwords with the country’s birthday of 07041776, but thought that to be overly conservative.” At press time, officials were evaluating the effectiveness of capitalizing each password’s first letter.




  1. lol…clever.

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