Glad That’s Over

By: Robert McCulloch

By: Robert McCulloch

These past few months have been pretty crazy. Ever since the altercation between Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson and Michael Brown on August 9th, during which time Mr. Wilson shot and killed Mr. Brown, one could say that the town of Ferguson has been a little nuts, what with the riots, protests, and constant discussion in the media. The shooting of a black teenager by a white police officer sure did attract a lot of national attention, and last night’s grand jury decision to not indict Mr. Wilson didn’t exactly go over too well. But that’s all behind us now, so let me be the first to say how happy I am that it’s all over.

It’s done. Thank God!

Now, I totally understand that this was a big moment, especially considering the racial implications and the spotlight it put on our justice system. All the hullaballoo certainly wasn’t unjustified, and everyone has the right to share their opinion. And that is exactly why I personally oversaw the grand jury proceedings that met on 25 separate days in the last three months, heard more than 70 hours of testimony from about 60 witnesses, and reviewed hours and hours of recordings of media and law enforcement interviews by many of the witnesses that testified. How exhausting! I’m sure you can understand how relieved I am that this whole mess is now completely in the rear view mirror.

Some people are going to want to continue to discuss precisely what happened and exactly why there was no indictment of Officer Wilson. Some might even say we have to really analyze all that evidence again—evidence I personally went over piece by piece with the grand jury, mind you. And some might even say that this opens up a discussion about race and law enforcement. But I would strongly urge against that. We’ve been doing it for months! I laid out all the facts last night, and I really hope we can just get Ferguson back to normal as soon as possible.

Let’s all agree that there’s nothing left to see here.

So, with the final decision from the grand jury last night, it makes me so happy to say that we can finally close the book on this case. In fact, we should all be content and proud that the Michael Brown saga has finally come to an end.

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