iCloud Changes Name To ourCloud

CUPERTINO, CA—Marking a change in strategy for Apple’s iCloud from individual to shared storage, company representatives announced today they were changing the name of the cloud based service to ourCloud. “We noted the recent successes of distributing celebrities’ intimate pictures to the internet as well as sharing personal information with the Chinese government and have decided to roll out ourCloud to the broader market,” said CEO Tim Cook in a press release. Reportedly, ourCloud will grant access to private information stored on Apple devices including pictures, videos, account names, and passwords to virtually every single person on the internet. “We realized that with Uber and Airbnb people really enjoy sharing their cars and homes with others, so we have followed suit by granting uninhibited access to people’s most confidential and personal information they’ve entrusted us with.” At press time, Samsung released a statement that they’ve been sharing information stored on their Galaxy S phones for years.

"You get a password! And you get a password! Everyone gets a password!"

“You get a password! And you get a password! Everyone gets a password!”

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