Speaker Wants Presentation To Be Interactive, Encourages Questions

BALTIMORE, MD­—While speaking to the senior management team during a monthly strategy session at Scepter Technologies, Senior VP Gerry Stenson said that he wants the presentation to be interactive and encourages questions from the group. “I know I’m the only thing standing between you and lunch, so this will move a lot faster if everyone gets involved,” said Mr. Stenson while standing in front of a projected showing PowerPoint presentation titled “Our Way Forward.” According to sources, Mr. Stenson added that he doesn’t want to just talk for the next hour and would rather the presentation be more of a discussion. Reportedly, everyone in the audience was then urged to interrupt Mr. Stenson should they have any questions at all. “I’m really here for you guys, so please feel free to jump in at any moment if I’m unclear or if you want me to focus on another issue.” At press time, someone from the audience asked a great question that will be addressed in a later slide.

"Let's take that question off line."

“Let’s take that question off line.”


  1. Upon realizing he was running low of time, Stenson said he would “make it short”. He then proceeded to read every word on every remaining slide.

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