Father To Someday Pass iWatch To Son After He Upgrades

RICHMOND, VA—After purchasing Apple’s new iWatch, local father Frank Novak realized that he would be someday passing the timepiece onto his son after he upgrades. “This is something that could stay in the family for decades and I can’t wait to leave it to my son after I move on to the next generation,” said Mr. Novak who recognizes that he will someday advance to the iWatch 2, which will probably come out around 2016. According to sources, Mr. Novak imagined sitting down with his son John Novak around his 10th birthday and bestowing him the family heirloom after Apple adds significantly more memory and a better battery life to the iWatch 2. “In my mind, it will be John’s birthright and hopefully he will cherish it until I eventually get the iWatch 2S so he can take the 2 and give the 1 to his sister.” At press time, Mr. Novak was excitedly setting up John’s first Apple Pay account.

"This watch..."

“This watch…”


  1. Very funny article !

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