250 People Knowingly Put Lives In Hands Of Man They Never Met

ATLANTA, GA—In an unbelievable act of trust at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson airport this afternoon, a group of 250 people knowingly put their lives in the hands of a complete stranger. “Welcome aboard United flight 4512 with service from Atlanta to Houston,” said the man over the airplane’s loudspeaker, representing the only form of communication each of the 250 passengers had ever had with him prior to his launching them several miles into the sky. Initial reports confirmed that many in the group were not only entrusting their own lives but those of their children to the man they never met face to face. Inside sources added that every passenger boarded the aircraft with only the presumption that the man could safely operate the plane as they had never seen any credentials or even a picture of the stranger to confirm he was who he claimed to be. “We’ll be climbing to 36,000 feet and should have a smooth ride to Houston,” said the man who everyone blindly assumed was in the cockpit. Final reports showed that upon arrival, many of the passengers proceeded to get in the back seat of a stranger’s vehicle.

He Who Cannot Be Vetted

Flying on blind faith

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