Study: Inspecting Club After Swing Improves Golf Score By 12 Strokes

CHARLESTON, SC—A recent study sanctioned by the Professional Golfers’ Association demonstrates that looking at the face of a golf club immediately following a swing can improve a player’s score by an average of 12 strokes. “We watched thousands of players’ games and came to the conclusion that examining one’s golf club, particularly after a nasty slice, hook, or total duff, can greatly reduce a player’s handicap,” said commissioner Tim Finchem in an interview, adding that the very distinct marks on the club following a less than favorable swing can indicate exactly how to fix one’s mechanics. Reportedly, the practice is applicable to terrible drives, horrible iron shots, and appalling putts. The study also outlined several other practices that can improve a player’s score including throwing the club back into the bag, explaining to the rest of the foursome that something must be off, and vaguely practicing a golf swing to see where things went wrong. “We also discovered that proclaiming a need to start or stop drinking has a material impact as well.” In a related study, fidgeting with the strings of a tennis racket after a bad shot increases the chance of winning the match by 18%.

"It's not your fault."

“It’s not your fault.”

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