Diehard Heat Fans Going To Miss LeBran

MIAMI, FL—Following his announcement that he will be heading back to Cleveland to play with his hometown team Cavaliers, several Miami Heat fans expressed disappointment in losing LeBran James. “I’m going to be honest, I’m really going to miss LeBran,” said diehard Heat fan Kevin Miller, who added that the team won’t be the same without the trio of Dwyane Ward and Chris Bash. Reporters talked with several members of the devoted Miami fan base, all of whom voiced fervent concerns that the Heat won’t be able to win another World Series without their key forward. Sources confirmed that several of the franchise’s most ardent fans could be seen purchasing James’ jersey to burn in effigy. “I’m comforted to know that Pat O’Reily is going to turn this ship around and we’ll have the Cup back in Miami in no time.” In related news, Cleveland Cavalier fans were deleting all Tweets and Facebook posts between 2010-2014 from their feed.

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