Brazil To Host Next Super Bowl, World Series, Masters, Wimbledon Championships

BRAZIL—Following the early success of the World Cup and the on-pace execution of the 2016 Olympic Games, authorities announced this morning that Brazil will host the next Super Bowl, World Series, Masters, and Wimbledon Championships. “We are very proud to accept this honor of hosting four of the greatest sports championships in the world right here at home,” said Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff, who added that the events will drive the local economy and be welcomed by the country’s 200M citizens who are eager to host several more major sporting events. This will mark the first time that any of these events have been hosted out of the U.S. or London, but sources confirmed that officials are prepared to permanently move them to Brazil should they prove successful. Not everyone is pleased with the move as the Arizona Cardinals are suing the NFL for breach of their Super Bowl contract, but Commissioner Roger Goodell reportedly responded by charging the team a fine. “Brazil is the perfect choice for expanding the NFL’s reach,” said Goodell in a statement. Final reports showed that Brazil was approached to host the WNBA Finals but declined.

"Ordem E Progresso" is Latin for "Send Us Your Sports"

“Ordem E Progresso” is Latin for “Send Us Your Sports”

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