Billy Zane Realizes Titanic Did More For Leonardo DiCaprio’s Career Than His Own

CHICAGO, IL—After reading several negative reviews about his performance as Captain Georg von Trapp in The Sound of Music at the Lyric Opera of Chicago, Billy Zane came to the sudden realization this weekend that perhaps Titanic did more for Leonardo DiCaprio’s career than his own. “It finally hit me that maybe that movie launched Leo’s fame a little bit higher than mine,” said Zane in regards to the 1997 smash hit, which made over $600M in domestic box office and starred both DiCaprio and Zane, though most people seem to associate the epic love story with DiCaprio more so than Zane. Inside sources confirmed that Zane started searching IMBD and confirmed that since 1997 DiCaprio has starred in numerous hit movies and critically acclaimed films and has been nominated for an Oscar or Golden Globe significantly more times than Zane, who has zero total nominations—all this despite the fact that they were both in the same James Cameron directed blockbuster. “That’s quite surprising considering how well Titanic did.” Billy Zane was comforted, however, when he realized that at least he’s doing better than Bill Paxton.

Where have you gone Billy Zane?

Where have you gone Billy Zane?

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