Study: Indictment Has A “C” In It

EVANSTON, IL—A new study from Northwestern University’s Weinberg College of Arts & Sciences shows that the word “indictment,” meaning a formal accusation initiating a criminal case, has a “c” in it. “After months of research, we have come to the final conclusion that ‘indictment’ has a ‘c’ between the second ‘i’ and the first ‘t,’” said head researcher Professor Gerald Sullivan, who initiated the report last year upon discovering that, based upon the “sound it out” method, there does not appear to be a ‘c’ in the word “indictment” at all, actually sounding more like inditement. The report shows how the letter “c” is indeed “silent,” meaning the usual hard or even soft “c” sound does not come into play whatsoever when pronouncing the word. “After looking at thousands of uses of ‘indictment’ we can definitively show that it contains a ‘c’ when written out, but unfortunately, we were unable to prove why.” Professor Sullivan and his team have reportedly moved on to a subsequent report on the words “debt” and “knife.”

Makes no cents.

Makes no cents.


  1. Really cool!

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