Total Whack Job Answers Call From Unknown Number

KENTWOOD, MI—Several sources confirmed that Mark Morefield, an apparent whack job completely out of his gourd, answered a phone call from an unknown number last night. “I wanted to find out who it was,” explained the insane lunatic who is psychotically unaware of the ability to let the caller leave a voice mail first before calling them back. Leveraging his crazy bonkers reasoning straight out of Looney Tunes, the total nutcase reportedly thought that it could be someone from work or maybe that girl he met last week—both situations in which any non-screwball from planet earth would wait to see if the person calls back or leaves a message. One eyewitness said that answering the phone when not even knowing the area code was just totally bananas. “Maybe it was an emergency,” added the wingnut moonbat who, based on his schizo actions, has allegedly never heard of telemarketers or wrong numbers. Final reports showed that the call was from his asshat nutter of a boss who thinks it’s OK to call after 10:00PM.

Call me, never.

Call me, never.


  1. christ0rama says:

    Ted from How I Met Your Mother: “Yeah, because it’s 1994 and I’m gonna pick up a phone without knowing who’s on the other end.”

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