Jonathon Niese Pitches MLB’s 326,876th Imperfect Game

NEW YORK, NY—With his 3-2 win over the St. Louis Cardinals last night, New York Mets pitcher Jonathan Niese pitched only the 326,876th imperfect game in MLB history. “I’m very happy with the way I pitched tonight,” said the left-handed starting pitcher who reportedly knew it was going to be another historic imperfect game as soon as Matt Carpenter hit a single base hit to left field in the first at bat of the game. Sources confirmed that Niese solidified the imperfect game by allowing five more hits and two walks letting eight total batters on base—seven more than necessary. Adding to the momentous achievement, Niese only needed 6 innings to pitch his imperfect game before relief pitcher Daisuke Matsuzaka started his own imperfect game with a walk. “It’s always good to get the win,” added Niese, referring to only the 163,438th time a pitcher has pitched an imperfect game and won. In an unlikely sequence of events, sources confirmed that Chicago Cubs pitcher Edwin Jackson is currently in the midst of the 326,877th imperfect game.

What are the odds?!

What are the odds?!

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