Disney CFO Announces Frozen 2

BURBANK, CA—Confirming the expectations of several market analysts, the Chief Financial Officer of The Walt Disney Company announced that pre-production has started on Frozen 2. “After looking at the numbers, I am very excited to say that the sequel to the highly profitable Frozen will be released sometime in 2015,” said Jay Rasulo in an 8-K released to shareholders this morning. The financial executive took into account several leading indicators when creating the forecast and production plan for Frozen 2 including its predecessor’s success, predictive analytics on viewer purchasing behavior for sequels, and the ability to leverage the soundtrack in music distribution channels. Sources confirmed that Frozen 2 will include cross-selling opportunities at Disney’s theme parks and co-promotional prospects with children’s toy manufacturers. “Additionally, stars Kristen Bell and Idina Menzel have proven themselves to be incredibly bankable on the publicity circuit.” Near the bottom of the press release, the CFO added a comment that yeah it’ll star beloved characters Elsa and Anna and sure it’ll bring joy to the world.

Frozen assets

Frozen assets


  1. Great blog post – we’re not sure what we think about another Frozen film coming out: https://mundanevision.wordpress.com/2015/03/24/the-moth-on-the-sloth/

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