BREAKING: Co-worker Going To Tell You About His Bracket

NEW YORK, NY—Sources confirmed this morning that one of your co-workers is going to track you down either by the water cooler in the office break room or at your desk so he can tell you about the status of his NCAA tournament bracket. Based on initial reports, analysts believe there is a 97% chance he will bring up Mercer’s upset of Duke, probably noting that “nobody had that happening” so it wasn’t that damaging to his standings, and a 73% chance he will say that he “has all of his Final Four” so he’s still got a good chance of winning the office pool. Additionally, there is a 99% chance he will use the word “we” when discussing his alma mater’s team performance and will point out that “we looked sluggish in the Coastal Carolina game, but we looked much more comfortable against Memphis.”  One forecast shows that your colleague will most likely say that this has “been a pretty crazy tourney” followed by a half-laugh and a sip of coffee before mentioning that Warren Buffet is pretty happy even though his favorite team Creighton lost. “Am I right?” he will ask. Final estimates show that your co-worker will not ask you about your bracket.

"Crazy weekend, bro."

“Crazy weekend, bro.”

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