Kindle User Misses Old Time Feeling Of Leaving Book Unread On Shelf

EUGENE, OR—Since purchasing a new Kindle e-reader several weeks ago, local man Greg Norwood has noticed that he kind of misses that old time feeling of having a book remain untouched on his shelf. “I know it’s a little silly, and maybe I’m just being needlessly old fashioned,” explained Mr. Norwood, “but sometimes I really miss seeing a book on my living room shelf as a constant reminder that I should read more.” Mr. Norwood went on to say that he can’t even remember the last time he got to consider bringing his book with him to read on the bus, deciding it’s way too thick and heavy to lug around all day, and leaving it uncracked yet another day at home. “Don’t get me wrong, I really like my Kindle, but it was always nice to have house guests see my collection of books and assume that I’ve read them all.” In his closing remarks, Mr. Norwood did say that he’s warming up to the feeling of keeping his Kindle turned off in his bag.

Those were the days.

Those were the days.

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