Area Man Does Taxes Early This Year For 15 Minutes

ATHENS, GA—In order to prevent a last minute scramble to complete his taxes, area man Jason Dewitt started his taxes early this year for 15 minutes. “I learned my lesson the hard way last year when I pushed off doing my taxes until the very last minute,” said Mr. Dewitt, who gathered all of his necessary documents including his W-2 and 1099s and logged on to TurboTax for a few moments before checking his Facebook account and turning on the Hawks vs. Celtics game. “Not only is it nice to get them out of the way and receive that refund, but it’s also safer to give yourself some cushion in case you run into any issues,” added Mr. Dewitt, who filled his name and social security number into his 1040 before his friend sent him a YouTube link to a video from last night’s Colbert Report. “I think everyone should try to be proactive when it comes to filing their taxes.” Final reports showed that Mr. Dewitt decided to take just a short break until April 14th.

File for that extension early!

File for that extension early!


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