CNBC Analyst Suggests You Buy Some Stocks

ENGLEWOOD CLIFFS, NJ – Appearing on CNBC’s Squawk Box this morning, market research analyst Jeremy Lawson suggested that you buy some stocks. “I’ve run the numbers, and in my professional opinion, I think it would be a very good idea if you bought some stocks,” said Mr. Lawson looking directly into the camera while sitting next to Squawk Box hosts Joe Kernen, Rebecca Quick, and Andrew Ross Sorkin. “Stocks are good.”

The 30 year-old financial analyst, with an undergraduate degree in finance from Yale and an MBA from Harvard, went on to explain that buying stocks is the best thing you can do with your money right now because stocks can increase in value and make you even more money than you had before.

“There are all types of stocks that you can buy,” said Mr. Lawson while an info graphic listing out various companies including Google, Apple, and Microsoft appeared on the screen. “GOOG, AAPL, MSFT. All of these are stocks, and I would recommend that you buy all or at least some of these stocks. They are all great stocks to buy and then own.”

“Except for maybe GRPN,” added Mr. Lawson. “You might not want to buy that stock.”

Sources confirmed that Mr. Lawson went on to explain that you should look at each stock’s earnings, trends, and volume as all of these things can help you decide whether you should buy the stock or not buy the stock. He also urged you to look at how much a stock moves up and down in price because a stock that moves up and down a lot might be a risky stock for you to buy whereas a stock that doesn’t move up and down at all would not be a risky stock for you to buy.

“Another thing to consider is the timing of when you buy your stocks,” emphasized Mr. Lawson, referring to a line and bar chart complete with dollar signs and other various symbols. “Right now is a great time for you to buy stock as a lot of other people are buying stocks too, which means that after you buy your stock, it is more likely that your stock will increase in value. So, I would definitely recommend buying stocks as soon as you can.”

Based on Mr. Lawson’s reporting, there are many different ways for you to buy stocks. His findings showed that you can buy individual stocks such as DIS, AMZN, or SBUX and keep them in your portfolio of other individual stocks, or you can buy a pool of stocks that someone else has already bought and packaged for you. Either way, Mr. Lawson confirmed that the most convenient way to buy individual stocks or pools of stocks is through an online broker, which has easy-to-use tools to help you buy your stocks.

“You could even buy the option to buy a stock at a later date,” inserted Mr. Lawson. “Buying stock options is also a great way for you to buy stock.”

Mr. Lawson concluded his analysis by saying that someday you’re going to want to sell your stock, which will require the same analysis you did when you bought the stock, and reminded you that selling your stock at a price lower than you paid when you bought the stock is always a bad idea. “Though, at this time, I don’t think you should be selling your stock. You should only be buying stock. Buy as many stocks as you can.”

Following Mr. Lawson’s segment, Squawk Box welcomed analyst Jeffrey Cavitt who issued a report that you should buy some bonds.

Pick a stock! Any stock!

Pick a stock! Any stock!

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