Archaeologist Discovers Missing Cuff Link

FALLON, NV – Sources confirmed that American archaeologist Dr. Robert Warner made a notable discovery yesterday when he uncovered the missing cuff link. “I can’t believe it’s taken me this long, but it’s definitely a relief,” said the University of Nevada professor in regards to the 38-year-old relic, which emanated as a wedding gift from the late Aunt Sharon. Dr. Warner started his excavation almost three decades ago when the sterling silver cuff link first went missing, carefully surveying inside the closet, behind the dresser, and under the bed, but the dig unfortunately came up short until he cleaned out his sock drawer. “My theory is that the cuff link fell into the drawer, and then years of use pushed it deeper into the back layers of socks and underwear. It’s always in the last place you look.” A peer review from fellow archaeologist Dr. Jennifer Warner confirmed the authenticity of the cuff link by the RWK engraving and diagonal markings, though she did ask Dr. Warner if he could now focus his attention on the long lost remote control.

Now, where are my glasses.

Now, where are my glasses.

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