Poor Family Celebrates Christmas Morning Opening Groceries

CHICAGO, IL – On Christmas morning, the Evans family joyously celebrated by gathering around the tree and opening groceries. “Canned carrots! My favorite!” exclaimed Jeremy, the youngest of 5 children, as he held up the non-perishable item donated to the local food pantry and delivered by high school volunteers. Older sister Kristen got exactly what was on her Christmas list when she unwrapped the Jewel-Osco bag to find a box of mint Oreos, and middle child Franky claimed it to be a Christmas miracle when he discovered not one, but two boxes of Kraft’s Mac and Cheese, making up for the store brand debacle from last year. “Ok, everyone bring your presents into the kitchen and help me make Christmas dinner,” said Mrs. Evans as she hustled her giddy family from the living room / dining room to the kitchen / TV room to open each canned good and heat it up in the microwave. Mr. Evans shed a cheerful tear when he saw left under the tree a fifth of whiskey.

Please consider a $10 donation to the Chicago Food Bank here.

The South Pole Workshop

The South Pole Workshop

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