Heroic Freedom Of Speech Defender Tells Everyone To Shut Up

BLOOMINGTON, IN – Coming to the rescue of Phil Robertson, the Duck Dynasty star who was cut from the A&E television program after making inflammatory remarks against gays and African-Americans, local hero Jenny Franklin has adamantly defended Mr. Robertson’s freedom of speech by telling everyone to shut their mouths. “Everyone can just shut the hell up,” posted the brave freedom fighter on her Facebook account. “I thought this was America where we have FREEDOM OF SPEECH! It’s our GOD GIVEN RIGHT! So SHUT THE FUCK UP!” The valiant defender of our civil liberties then posted several brave tweets lambasting A&E for kicking Mr. Robertson off the television program, saying that “A&E has NO RIGHT TO SAY that Phil can’t be on the show” and “all those liberal sissies can just shut their god damned mouths!” Final reports showed that one of Ms. Franklin’s friends wrote on her wall, “freedom of speech does not equal freedom from consequences,” but Ms. Franklin deleted it.

American Heroes

American Heroes

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