Teacher Repeats Second Grade For 23rd Time

DES MOINES, IA – Failing to move on to teaching the third grade for yet another year, local teacher Mrs. Hardif is teaching the second grade for the 23rd consecutive time. “I absolutely love teaching the second grade,” said the 47-year old educator who is still teaching addition and subtraction, seemingly unable to move on to more difficult subjects like multiplication and division. “We’re about to move on to learning about writing short stories [for the 23rd time in my career].” Mrs. Hardif admits that watching her students leave at the end of every school year and go on to more advanced lessons is the most difficult part about constantly being held back by Principal Landry. “It gets harder every year to say good-bye [and watch children develop beyond my capabilities as a teacher].” Pine Grove Elementary is known for holding teachers back as, just last year, Mr. Fredrickson retired after failing to graduate from the 5th grade.

Going nowhere fast.

Going nowhere fast.

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