Workout Rescheduled For Tomorrow

DALLAS, TX – Sources confirmed that this morning’s workout, originally set for 6:00AM, has been rescheduled for tomorrow. At around 5:55AM this morning, the exercise routine, which was slated to include a 45 minute ride on the stationary bike followed by push-ups and sit-ups, was relocated on the calendar to tomorrow morning at 6:00AM. Sources added that, in the grand scheme of things, delaying the workout another day really won’t make much of a difference, and experts agree that the postponed workout can be made up for by simply consuming less calories today. Further reports show that, besides, the last workout occurred only a few days ago, and there will be plenty of time to work out this weekend—“maybe even twice” sources added. Eyewitnesses confirmed that this morning’s workout was replaced with an extra hour of sleep followed by guilt.

Tomorrow's workout rescheduled for next week.

Tomorrow’s workout rescheduled for next week.

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