Creepy Wedding Crowd Watches Couple Dance, Kiss

CLEVELAND, OH – A wedding ceremony this past weekend took a creepy turn when the entire crowd of guests just watched as the newly married couple danced and kissed. “I thought it was a beautiful ceremony, and they are so right for each other,” said Joey Francis, one of the 200+ peeping Tom’s that blatantly stared as the bride and groom danced their first dance to Michael Buble’s Everything. “Kelly looked absolutely beautiful in her dress,” added Michelle Johnston who, along with the rest of the eerie crowd, could barely keep her eyes off the bride and kept taking pictures of her without her knowledge. The throng of onlookers could hardly conceal their sickening joy whenever the couple kissed, and even went so far as to force the young newlyweds to kiss by clinking their water classes with their silverware. The father of the bride reportedly did nothing to stop his daughter from being subjected to such obvious group harassment, saying only that he was “so proud.” Final reports did note that, in fairness to the wedding guests, the husband and wife were committing an uncomfortable amount of PDA.

Yeah, now hold her close. Good. Good.

Yeah, now hold her close. Good. Good.


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