Area Man Thankful He Has To Work On Thanksgiving

NEW YORK, NY After finding out that he was tasked with closing a deal before the end of the month, area man Justin Finch gave thanks that he will have to work on Thanksgiving. “I feel so blessed that my boss thought of me when Convergent Systems called up asking for emergency financing,” said the humble analyst while sitting down to a turkey sandwich. “I have never been so grateful for an excuse to not go home.” He then started counting his blessings including the analysis he will have to do for the transaction as his brothers fight about who is going to pick Gramma up from the airport; the financial model he’ll have to put together on Wednesday night when his high school friends are silently judging each other at his home town bar; and the memo he’ll be typing up on Thursday night while his family gets into an argument about Obamacare. “Thank you God for all the peace and quiet I will enjoy in my cube this holiday weekend.” Mr. Finch then gave a final prayer that his good fortunes will continue through Christmas.

Blessed are the busy

Blessed are the busy

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