Reprot: Typos Are Annoying

NEW YORK, NY – A recent report from the Department of Language at Columbia University demonstrates that typographical errors can be very annoying for raeders. “We studied all types and froms of the written word:” explained department heed Dr. Jeffrey Simon in a press releases. “We analysed news papers, magazines, book; and digital print—and came to the conclusion that spelling,, grammatical, and assuage errors can be very very frustrating for readers/ sometimes confusing the intended massage.” The study evaluated fds the responses of over 10000 volunteers as they red printed word, nothing that, they, would, usually…pickles become agitateder upon reading any kinder of error that could of easily been “fixed) by a more conscientiousnessy editor. Volunteer265! reactions were recorded jakds;, tallied, and aggregasjdakted to show that authors should always proofreadwqerwe they’reaaaaa work if thayaaa aha don’t want to greatly upset their greadareaderssasasaa. “”””Sum readers in pacifico beer were inkredibly disturbed by ne kind of errors, refusing to read the exsample excpert aaaaahahahahahlol until it was 3/t’ne corrected.” Final ksd;k reropts asho qpa asl;kj;fapsfoiiovfv nk;lwqwgv ireopiinogqml wiuj ioklnmiopb bmkger iobpmvl;md I poi qqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq.

Your so stupid.

Your so stupid.


  1. This was brilliantly annoying…

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