Immigrant Computer Steals 12 American Jobs

APPLETON, WI – Heralding from Japan, a newly hired immigrant computer started work at Warehouse Office Products, replacing 12 jobs previously held by American born employees. Transported to the U.S. on a ship crammed with thousands of other immigrant electronic devices, the Toshiba X800 was installed to manage customer orders, inventory controls, financial accounting, compliance reporting, and service calls—roles all formerly handled by a dozen human employees native to Wisconsin. “I worked at register 3 for 14 years,” said recently fired Bill Mathers, who was born in Appleton. “And now that migrant computer from Tokyo with a fancy touch screen took my job. It should be deported.” The multi-functioning processor originally came to the U.S. looking for work so it could send money back to its Japanese company, a story all too often heard in a small American town slowly being taken over by electronic refugees.  “We need better border control to stop this from happening again.” Gus Porter, the pitchfork operator, was the only employee to keep his job, though final reports showed that the manager of Warehouse Office Products used the X800 to order a Chinese robot.

It has thousands of shareholders back home.

It has thousands of shareholders back home.


  1. Appleton shout out. Like it.

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