Mom Reminds Son Everyone Awkward, Disgusting, Smelly At His Age

DES MOINES, IA – In an effort to boost her 13-year-old son’s confidence after a tough day at middle school, area mom Sharon Diller reminded him that everyone is awkward, disgusting, and smelly at his age. “Billy, all your classmates are going through an uncomfortable stage in their life, what with puberty and growing pains, so it’s totally fine that your acne is visible from a mile away and your squeaky voice is abhorrent to hear,” said the loving mother while stroking her son’s greasy hair. “Your complete and utter inability to talk to girls with any confidence is absolutely normal for a boy of your age, and so is all that very noticeable sweating.” She then explained that Billy’s friend Jeremy can be an outright pain to be around, just like Billy, because of his hormone driven antics and terrible body odor, so there’s nothing that he needs to worry about. “Rest your little mind, my love. You’ll grow out of this phase and be a normal person soon enough.” Assured of her son’s settled anxieties, Sharon went to start working on dinner, and Billy went to his room to cry.

"I love you, my little weirdo."

“I love you, my little weirdo.”

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