Warm Toilet Seat Reminds Gary Roth We’re All in This Together

SACRAMENTO, CA – Sitting down on a still warm toilet seat in his office bathroom, Gary Roth came to the realization that, really, we’re all in this together. Gary entered the bathroom just as his fellow co-worker Bill Kaster left the non-handicapped stall, and the pair gave a friendly nod before Gary took Bill’s place on the porcelain throne. “When I sat down, and felt the warm glow left by Bill’s butt cheeks against my own skin, it just suddenly hit me: we’re all riding this crazy thing called ‘life’ together.” Gary explained how feeling the heat generated by another man’s ass helped him put his life and his entire existence into a better perspective. “Throw out all the titles; get rid of all the societal pressure; and strip away all the foolishness of our seemingly meaningless existence and you’ll see that we’re really just a bunch of lost souls looking for a peaceful place to take a shit.” Without realizing it, Gary left a dribble of urine on the toilet seat to remind his other co-worker Aaron Shear that some people are fucking rude.

What a shitty revelation

What a shitty revelation

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