Racist Bigot Calls Kansas City Chiefs Washington Redskins

PHILADELPHIA, PA – During Thursday Night Football’s match between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs, some racist Eagles fan kept calling the Kansas City Chiefs the Washington Redskins. “I couldn’t believe it,” said Eagles fan Bernard Beneke, who was sitting next to the bigoted asshole as he screamed his hateful words. “He called the Chiefs a bunch of lousy ‘Washington Redskins.’ I’ve heard a lot of mean things watching football in Philly, but I’ve never heard someone use such a venomous racial slur before.” The Kansas City Chiefs NFL team name comes from paying homage to the many Native American people that call that area home; however, the Washington Redskins is simply put a racial epithet that comes from the violent and terrible history the Native Americans were subjected to at the hands of American settlers. In similar news, on November 17th the Philadelphia Eagles will be hosting the Washington Redskins—the football team, not the racial slur. Mr. Beneke excitedly proclaimed, “I can’t wait to slaughter the Redskins.”

Next up: The Los Angeles Wetbacks

Next up: The Los Angeles Wetbacks

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