Plus Size Model Doubles As Before Picture Model

LOS ANGELES, CA – Living a double life, Sharon Frost works as a plus size model, reminding women and girls everywhere that they are beautiful human beings and should value their bodies no matter what they look like, and as a “Before Picture” model to remind all women and girls that they are disgusting creatures who can turn themselves into something worth looking at if they would just buy the promoted product. Mrs. Frost knew she was destined for this dual role when she was a lovely, chubby 8-year-old girl. “I remember looking in the mirror and being totally confused as to whether I should be proud of myself or absolutely revolted by my plump physical appearance. I knew then that I was fated to boost women’s confidence and scare them into buying beauty products.” Last week, the 180lb 5’4” woman modeled for a Dove “Real Beauty” commercial, which promotes inner beauty and a message that all women should love the body they’re in. Mrs. Frost then went and took a picture in a bikini, which will be used to show a revolting, horrifying example of what consumers could leave behind if they buy Dr. Oz’s Diet Pills. Mrs. Frost has a 10-year-old daughter who was last seen eating ice cream and crying.

Beauty is so confusing

Beauty is so confusing

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