Packers Lobby to Play Vikings Every Week

GREEN BAY, WI – Following the Green Bay Packers’ 44-31 win over the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday Night Football, Coach Mike McCarthy made a formal request to commissioner Roger Goodell to play the Vikings every week for the rest of the season. “Given the proximity of the two teams, and considering Mr. Goodell’s concerns with player safety, we feel it would be in the best interest of the team to play the Vikings in a weekly match-up,” positioned Mr. McCarthy, noting that no one was injured or concussed in last night’s game. “We’ll even play in Minnesota for every game. Obviously, that’s not an issue.” The head coach also said that, if the proposal is unacceptable, they’d also consider playing the Tampa Bay Buccaneers or Jacksonville Jaguars. “Maybe even the Bears, because we understand how hard it is to travel when injured.” Following their week 8 loss, the Minnesota Vikings put in a request to Mr. Goodell for an 8-game season.

Josh Freeman wouldn't even need to leave his bench.

Josh Freeman wouldn’t even need to leave his bench.

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