Novo Nordisk Launches Fun Size Insulin Pen

COPENHAGEN, DENMARK – Danish pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk launched sales of its new line of “Fun Size” insulin pens. Lars Sorensen, CEO of the medical equipment manufacturer famous for its diabetes treatments, held a press conference today announcing the innovative product that should hit shelves prior to Halloween. “We noticed two major trends in the United States,” said the visionary executive through a translator. “First, early onset diabetes is rapidly increasing among American children. And second, they’re incredibly depressed. The new Fun Size Insulin Pens by Novo Nordisk will address both these issues.” The miniature pens, offered in packs of 6 or 12, will feature exciting colors and easy to grip cushions for the children’s “tiny and/or chubby fingers.” “In the short term, we hope to see the pens passed out to Trick-or-Treaters to help kids break down all those pesky sugars. And in the long term, we’re looking to see a Fun Size Insulin Pen in every Lunchable and Happy Meal across the country. Our mission to the nation’s children is to make diabetes fun.” Next month, Nova Nordisk hopes to launch their new King Size Insulin Pen.

Russell is in line to be the primary spokesman

Russell is in line to be the primary spokesman

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