New Key & Peele Episode To Highlight Differences Between Black and White People

LOS ANGELES, CA – Diverging from its traditional slate of sketch and situational comedy, tonight’s episode of Key & Peele will make fun of the differences between black people and white people. “We wanted to try something totally new,” explained Keegan-Michael Key, who stars alongside Jordan Peele in the Comedy Central segment that airs Wednesdays at 9:30CT. The African-American comedians have noticed that their lives can sometimes deviate from those of their white counterparts. “We talk differently; we behave differently; and we have very different cultures. We feel that it would be amusing to emphasize those disparities in a comedic fashion.” “But it’s more than that,” Mr. Peele added. “Throughout history, whites and blacks have had their challenges, and we both believe that making light of those variances might create a catharsis, if you will, by allowing people to laugh at and yet celebrate their very diverse backgrounds. As far as we know, it’s never been done before.” Following the groundbreaking episode, Comedy Central will air a brand new Daily Show that will feature Jon Stewart humiliating Fox News.

They might show how men and women are different too.

They might show how men and women are different too.

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