Intern Thinks He’s Leaving at 5

PHOENIX, AZ – An intern at Forward Capital Partners is currently operating under the assumption that he’s going to leave the office at 5:00PM this evening. Michael Shear, a senior at Arizona State working towards his finance degree, came into the office this morning about an hour earlier than normal determined to work efficiently and effectively in order to have all his work done by 5:00PM, giving him the chance to head out early and take his girlfriend Kelly out on a date. “I made reservations for 6:00PM to her favorite Italian restaurant,” said the hopeful part-timer. “I figure we can get there early, have some drinks. Then dinner. And then go see Gravity in IMAX tonight at 7:30. I already bought the tickets.” Mr. Shear skipped his normal lunch break and avoided ESPN and any other internet distractions throughout the entire day. At 4:35PM he was seen cleaning out his in-box and making sure there were no loose ends so he could have a clear and enjoyable evening with Kelly. Final reports showed that at 4:58PM, team leader Joe Drape came over to talk to Michael and that, yeah, he’s not going anywhere.

Where do you think you're going?

Where do you think you’re going?

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