Girl Uses Middle Name as Last Name on Facebook to Prevent Rape or Something

PORTLAND, OR – Elizabeth Reese uses only her first and middle name on Facebook, going by the name of Elizabeth Anne, to prevent rape or something. Her friends first noticed the change from Elizabeth Reese to Elizabeth Anne several months ago. “At first I thought I had a new friend, but then realized it was Elizabeth when I saw that she had the same profile picture,” said high school friend Kelly Friedman. “I guess she did it to make sure no one is stalking her? Or to prevent identity theft? I have no idea.” In fact, all other information on Elizabeth’s profile remained the same, including her alma mater, hometown, address, and phone number, but her surname is now Anne, which might prevent her from getting murdered somehow reports assume. “I mean, maybe she thinks some rapist is looking for her? And he’ll search for Elizabeth Reese on Facebook, see she’s not there, and then rape someone else?” imagined Elizabeth’s college ex-boyfriend Adam Lane. “I hope she’s not in trouble.” Reporters were able to confirm that absolutely no one is looking to rape Elizabeth or steal her identity, so maybe she just doesn’t like her last name probably.

Hiding in plain sight

Hiding in plain sight

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