Food Truck Operator Yelling Something About Food

CHICAGO, IL – Several sources confirmed this afternoon that a local food truck operator was yelling something about food. Parked on the corner of Franklin and Jackson near the Willis Tower, a man standing inside a 1985 Avostar retrofitted to prepare food was hollering at passersby various things about food and food related items. “I’m fairly certain he was screaming about food,” conjectured one pedestrian who walked by the truck labeled “Schnitzel” on his way to a Jimmy John’s about a block away. “I think he was shouting at people descriptions of food and prices of food. If I had to guess, I’d say he was trying to sell food directly from his truck to people on the street. But I could be wrong.” Eye witnesses verified that the truck-based vendor—who carries a city-issued permit to advertise and market his food—had examples of food on display for people to look at in case they wanted to purchase and then eat the food. One patron was seen consuming the food from the truck and agreed with the street chef that it was “pretty good.” At press time, another truck pulled up to apparently compete by selling a different kind of food.

Hot sustenance here! Get your hot sustenance here!

Hot sustenance here! Get your hot sustenance here!

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