Congress Raises National Glass Ceiling

WASHINGTON, DC – Responding to the nation’s cries for improving the way of life for women and minorities, Congressional leaders finally came together and raised the national glass ceiling. “For too long, our country’s women and minorities have been paralyzed by an unseen, yet unbreakable barrier that has kept them out of the upper rungs of corporate and governmental leadership, which is why we’re happy to announce that we have come together and raised it just a little bit,” said Representative John Boehner in front a hand selected group of women, African-Americans, Latinos, and Asian-Americans. “Congressional members reached across the aisle this week and came to a consensus that this metaphorical ceiling was crippling American development and creating needless political theater.” The House and Senate passed a bill that will raise the national glass ceiling for the next six months, after which they will reconvene and address the scheduled glass ceiling deadline once more. “We’re confident this short-term fix will lead to a longer term solution. Until then, our women and minorities have a little more room to advance their careers.” When asked if it’s possible that the country could just remove the glass ceiling altogether, Mr. Boehner replied, “We’re looking into it.”

You're welcome.

You’re welcome.

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