BREAKING: Dentist Drilling Your Mom Right Now

SANTA FE, NM – A series of reports are coming in saying that your family dentist Dr. Simms is currently drilling your mom. Allegedly, your mother left for her appointment about an hour ago, and according to an eyewitness named Andrea Miller, the office receptionist, your mom waited for a few minutes reading Time magazine while Dr. Simms prepared his tools to drill your mom. He then called her into his tiny room and laid her out flat on a reclining chair, which he’s used to drill lots of women, before telling her to open up so he can start drilling her—right in her mouth. He closed the door and gave your mom anesthesia to loosen her up a bit and remove any inhibitions so as not to fight against his aggressive drilling. It is expected that he is about half way through drilling your mom as you read this report. Smoke is coming out of your mom as your family dentist repeatedly shoves his tools into her mouth, and there is nothing you can do about it. The latest report says that when Dr. Simms is done drilling your mom he’s then going to have sex with her.

Don't ask what the eye glasses are for

Don’t ask what the eye glasses are for

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