Boss’s Party Going to Be Great Time Says Boss

SAN DIEGO, CA – The birthday party happy hour for Regional Vice President Gerald Preston is going to be a great time according to Regional Vice President Gerald Preston. This afternoon, Mr. Preston could be seen going from cube to cube in the Horizon Company’s regional headquarters telling everyone that they should definitely be looking forward to this evening’s revelry between 6-8PM at the local Buffalo Wild Wings. “I know how you kids like an open bar,” Mr. Preston said over a muffled chuckle before winking at Administrative Assistant Karen Jameson. He also made sure to thank everyone for surprising him in the main conference room with cake and ice cream after lunch. “I was completely and pleasantly shocked,” said the beaming mid-level executive. “And everyone sang so beautifully!” Around 5:30, Mr. Preston giddily started to “rally the troops,” telling everyone to “stop working so damn hard!” Final reports showed that after the party everyone plans on going home to their respective families and loved ones, and Mr. Preston will be going home also.

No gifts necessary

No gifts necessary

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