Area Woman Loves Middle Husband the Most

IRVINE, CA – After claiming that it’s really impossible to choose a favorite, thrice divorced Sharon Pierce said that if she had to choose she’d probably say that she loves her middle husband Mitch Woodson the most. “I mean, everyone remembers their first. It’s the oldest marriage and really paves the way for the rest of them,” said Ms. Pierce, reflecting on how young she was when she first married Jay Kilborn 32 years ago and how they really had no idea what they were doing, adding “it was just so exciting.” “I like to think of my third marriage to Brad (Tiller) as the baby of the three. It was such a sweet and loving marriage,” said the 54-year old woman about her most recent marriage that lasted seven years. “But Mitch was something special—our marriage was a roller coaster of emotions,” ruminated Ms. Pierce, echoing the sentiment of many people with middle marriages. “Looking back, I kind of neglected Mitch and took him for granted. Feeling like he was always in Jay’s shadow and knowing that there was probably another marriage on the way, all he really wanted was some attention.” Ms. Pierce added that while she loves Mitch the most, she absolutely hates all of her ex-husbands equally.

Wait til she meets #4.

Wait til she meets #4.

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