Area Man Excited to Find out What Kind Of Rental Car He’s Going to Have Sex In

CHARLESTON, SC – Waiting in giddy anticipation at the Hertz service desk, area man Matt Gray is excited to find out what kind of rental car he’s going to drive around town and eventually have sex in. “I hope it’s an SUV,” said Mr. Gray, who came to Charleston from Boston with his wife Vanessa Gray for their nephew’s wedding. “I reserved an Economy car, which usually means a Camry or something. The seats go pretty far back on the Camry, so we would be able to fool around pretty comfortably.” Matt then tried to remember if the arm rests go up enough for his wife to give him road head on their drive to the ceremony. “Hertz is pretty good with upgrades, though. So, if we get, like, an Escape or even a Tahoe, we’ll definitely be able to put the back seats flat and have some fun. Don’t come a knockin’, am I right?!” At press time, Mrs. Gray told reporters it’s not happening.

Come on baby, make it Hertz so good.

Come on baby, make it Hertz so good.

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