Wisconsin Looking to Lose Another Rose Bowl

MADISON, WI – With opening day of the 2013 college football season fast approaching, the football team at the University of Wisconsin – Madison has their sights set on making it to and then losing this year’s Rose Bowl for the fourth straight time. The Badgers made NCAA history last year by losing their third consecutive Rose Bowl to Stanford 20-14. The team also lost to Oregon 45-38 in 2012 and TCU 21-19 in 2011. “We thought we weren’t going to even have a chance to lose last year,” said 2012 team captain and leading rusher Montee Ball. “We really didn’t have that great of a season, but because Penn State and Ohio State were both ineligible, we were able to win the Big Ten Leaders division and then thankfully crush Nebraska in the Big Ten Championship game, giving us our shot at 0-3.” Wisconsin was riding high after that win over Nebraska, however, and looked as though they could make it 1-2. “I just couldn’t let that happen,” said former coach Bret Bielema who deserted the team just a couple weeks prior to the big game, ensuring the team would get their third “L.” Athletic Director Barry Alvarez almost screwed up the team’s losing dreams with his experience and heart, but thankfully the Stanford defense was too much to handle. New coach Gary Andersen knows he has some big shoes to fill this year but is “very excited to march this team all the way to the Rose Bowl and lose so we can prove, once again, that we’re still better than the rest of the Big Ten.”

They Spelled "L" Wrong

They Spelled “L” Wrong

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