White Woman Segregates Her Groceries from Black Woman’s Groceries

ATLANTA, GA – In a move that harkens back to the days of Jim Crow, a white woman segregated her groceries from the groceries of a black woman standing behind her in the checkout line. Without any hesitation and completely devoid of emotion, the white woman callously placed a plastic rod between the two groups of food items, making sure that her own groceries could in no way mingle or integrate with those of her dark-skinned, fellow shopper. The white lady than purchased her items, never even once acknowledging the black lady behind her, who was just patiently waiting while, once again, a heartless white woman gets to go first.  The cashier, who has become so accustomed to this kind of behavior in the South, just scanned the white lady’s items and said nothing in the face of such terrible bigotry. Once the cashier was done with the transaction, and the white lady went back to her plantation, the clerk threw the plastic rod of segregation back into the queue to continue the vicious cycle of hatred.

Dr. Martin Luther King dreamed of something better

Dr. Martin Luther King dreamed of something better

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